Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mainstream television: Still Going to Pretend Republicons are Responsible?

Now with the Boehner plan "B" fiasco this evening, it has become completely clear that the Republican House has people who are not willing to compromise in any way. So NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, are you still going to pretend that both sides are equally responsible for the artificial budget mess?

Stay tuned....

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  1. I watched PBS and CBS, a reader, Ruth, reported on NBC. CBS clearly reported on the failure as a blow to Boehner and Republicans, as did the PBS Newhour (which I should have included above). From Ruth's report, NBC what somewhat better. But the reports I saw were on the politics of who is winning and losing, not evaluating the merits of the positions.

    Again, I see that the key question is that the main news programs that try to be unbiased do little reporting on and evaluation of policy.

    And exception with the commentary of Shields on PBS, who did say that the Republicans were looking to politics rather their responsibility to govern. But there was no discussion of why. Perhaps the main news programs need to bring back commentary, as they once had. Surely not reporting on the substance of the issues is not helpful to the public.