Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is the "tea party" winning?

E.J. Dionne argues in today's Washington Post thatthe tea party is winning, because the media conversation is all about how to cut the budget. When is Obama going to come out and say that's not the important agenda now? The important and urgent agenda is to tax and spend: tax the coddled rich, whose taxes have been cut from 90% to 30% and less, and to invest in the American people and infrastructure. This will reduce unemployment and build a better future.

As for the long term deficit, as Krugman has written, it is really all about health care. Obama made a start with the health care bill, but it needs to be pushed much further to really cut health care costs. The Republicon agenda is exactly the opposite of what is needed. It will increase unemployment and undermine the long term strength of the country.

The anti-Lincoln Party

Somehow I missed this column of Paul Krugman on how the Republi-cons have become the anti-Lincoln party. Krugman punctures the current Republi-con fantasy that inflation is tearing us up, or just about to next week, and our currency is becoming worthless. But even more important is what was one central plank of Lincoln's policies: federal government investment in infrastructure. Lincoln is known for fighting the civil war and his great speeches, but in fact under his administration, the investments, such as the homestead act, the trans-continental railroad, and land grant colleges were started. These formed the foundation of the development of the US as a great power. The Republi-cons, by opposing federal investment in public goods are supporting policies that would do far more to weaken the US than anything the Taliban are doing or likely to do.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The moral universe of conservatives.

Very interesting analysis of "conservative" moral world view by George Lakoff. Lakoff's analysis partly accounts for the RepubliCON refusal to look at evidence, and presistant lying about health care and other political issues.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Why isn't President Obama saying this?

President Obama said that the debate over extending further the tax cuts for the rich in 2012 is a debate he'd be glad to take on. To be effective that debate needs to start NOW. Here is Bernie Saunders starting it. .

Many of the stats from Saunders have already been posted on this blog, here or the facebook version, but here is a striking new one from Saunders: 80% of the increase in wealth since 1980 has gone to the top 1%. It's not "trickle down" but "reverse Robin Hood:" rob the poor to pay the rich.

The problem is that the TV news does not usually cover Saunders. If Obama takes up the rebuttal, and emphasizes the necessity of restored higher taxes on the rich, the debate will be engaged, and the Republi-cons be forced to respond. Come on President Obama, now is the time!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Three Pinocchios from Wash Post for Republi-CONS

Glenn Kessler, on Washington post's "Fact Checker" gives Republicans Three Pinocchios for twisting Congressional Budget Office information. And they should "be ashamed of themselves" for quoting and twisting the CBO when they have dismissed all the CBO other CBO numbers, particular its prediction that the Health Care law will save the government money.