Sunday, February 20, 2011

The anti-Lincoln Party

Somehow I missed this column of Paul Krugman on how the Republi-cons have become the anti-Lincoln party. Krugman punctures the current Republi-con fantasy that inflation is tearing us up, or just about to next week, and our currency is becoming worthless. But even more important is what was one central plank of Lincoln's policies: federal government investment in infrastructure. Lincoln is known for fighting the civil war and his great speeches, but in fact under his administration, the investments, such as the homestead act, the trans-continental railroad, and land grant colleges were started. These formed the foundation of the development of the US as a great power. The Republi-cons, by opposing federal investment in public goods are supporting policies that would do far more to weaken the US than anything the Taliban are doing or likely to do.

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