Friday, June 1, 2012

Wonderful Debate With Krugman vs Pro-Austerity Brits

Here is a wonderful debate with Krugman versus two conservatives in England, who are advocating austerity. The only problem is that it should have been twice as long. Two points about this debate: first, it is amazing that the Austerity folks seem to have no clue there there is a Keynesian alternative analysis, such as Krugman is advocating. And the supposed evidence they have is slaughtered by Krugman.

A second point is: Why has there never been such a debate here on US television? I think it really speaks volumes as to broken TV journalism. Surely they could find a US conservative to debate Krugman. Does the US television media don't think anybody is interested? Or are they afraid they themselves can't follow a policy debate?

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