Monday, April 30, 2012

Mitt Math: He's at it again.

Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post Fact Checker does a nice job exposing Romney's latest deceit using "Mitt Math. As I noted in my last post, Romney and his campaign are engaged in a thoroughly dishonest effort to deceive people about Obama's record. In his latest, Romney lies about business start-ups under Obama. Here the deceit is less subtle, because they take the year of comparison for the "Obama" record from March 08-March 09. In other words, they include 9 months of Bush recession as Obama's fault! What is really interesting to me is that Romney and his campaign either think their lies are not going to be caught, or that they don't matter. They seem totally unconcerned about their reputation as liars. Here they are trusting the press not to tell the truth. By and large they can rely on the TV news not to call "liar". But there are print journalists who are actually doing their job of saying what the truth is. If serial lying ends up hurting Romney—and I hope TV ads will drill it in—it will be thoroughly deserved.

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