Monday, March 12, 2012

Yes, the Republicans are really that bad.

Our journalism today is very concerned about being perceived as fair, and little concerned with clearly identifying the truth. As a result,anyone saying that the current Republicans are thoroughly corrupt, and not at all driven by honest interest in helping the country, is not heard in the mainstream media. But two recent posts by Krugman again drive home the point that yes, they are really that bad. In one Krugman links to the following chart, which shows how support for college students has dramatically shrunk:

In other words claims that the Republicans want equality of opportunity are just a lie. Similarly Krugman points out that in every single case as countries in Europe have tried austerity there has been job loss. Does this stop Republicans from their "con" and keep insisting that cutting government will create jobs? No.

The Republicons are the main threat to the welfare of this country, not any foreign enemy. Believe it, they really are that bad.

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