Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Political Reporters don't care about policy

—And almost all reporting on television is political reporting. Hence the public has little information on which to based an informed decision about politicians. I was glad to see some agreement on this from one of my favorites, Paul Krugman. He goes on to excoriate Politico complimentary coverage of Paul Ryan's health care "plan."

He writes: "Even if you like the thrust of Ryan’s ideas, even if you think privatizing Medicare and turning it into a voucher scheme is fine, what became painfully, embarrassingly clear during the debate over the Ryan plan was that Ryan is, well, incompetent; the plan was a mess, from its invocation of ludicrous Heritage Foundation projections to its crazy assertions about what would happen to discretionary spending. ...Oh, and it was pretty clear that Ryan wasn’t being honest about his own numbers."

Why the incompetence and dishonest? Well it all makes sense if they are not interested in actually improving the country, but only conning the Republic on behalf of their paymasters. As I was saying...

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