Friday, August 12, 2011

RepubliCON chutzpah and Obama's response.

In response to Will's last post I was too mild. I heard Congressman Nadler make a good argument. When Obama blamed Congress he was actually being dishonest. Nadler didn't put it that way, but that's what it amounts to. It wasn't Congress that wouldn't compromise, but the RepubliCONs. The right wing of the right wing said they wouldn't compromise on anything. As some have pointed out, today the Republicans have regularly come out against their own original proposals. They have ended up favoring nothing but tax cuts on the rich. That's it.

There's a famous definition of the Yiddish word "chutzpah". The fellow who beats you and cries "Help, Help!" Now HE has chutzpah. He's going to blame you for attacking him. Even after he's stolen your money he's going to try to get you arrested!

That's what the RepubliCONs have been doing. They held up the country by needlessly threatening to force the government not to pay it's debts and creating an international financial collapse. And they refused to compromise. It's only Wall Street that brought enough RepubliCONs along not to collapse the whole financial system.

So the guy being beaten here is Obama—and the rest of the country. And what does he say when the police arrive. "There's a fight going on here; can you separate us." No dammit, he mugged you and us. Tell the truth. As I think Churchill once said, there's a difference between an arsonist and a fireman. Obama has really now gone too far. It's like the guy who spits in your face and you say it's raining. Hey, Obama, it's our face he's spitting in as well. Tell the truth!

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  1. Ok, but how do you really feel?

    As one of my friends says, Obama may be the worst negotiator ever. He gives away everything on the first move, then gives away more as he "negotiates", while the RepubliCONS whine that they aren't getting what they want or think they need. It's pretty amazing to watch.

    But then, from my perspective and I suspect yours as well, he's running unopposed at the moment!