Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Triumph of Anti-Intellectualism

For those of you of more conservative ideological cast and lemming-like, "true-believer" instincts (dubious in this crowd !!), you should be concerned right about now about the studious disregard of the Republican leadership for job-creation efforts. I'll bet that's what you thought you were voting for when you chose your local tea Party candidate. Instead, you have been a pawn in a shell game since your leadership has virtually ignored the job-creation agenda. Instead, Mr. Boehner and Mitch McConnell have Hoovered-in on massive spending cuts - and refused to acknowledge that one of the prime contributors to the current deficit problem is the Bush tax cuts and their continuation. (Oh, yes, elective wars and their expenses which were always "off-budget" have certainly helped). Possibly you had forgotten that just by eliminating the Bush-tax cut extensions for the top 2%, an estimated $690 B. over a 10 year horizon was "lost"(http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2010/07/let_cuts_expire.html)

We will set aside the superb irony of those ideologues - whose conspicuous commitment to the Bush tax cuts did not support their supply-side theories - and led instead to an average 600,000 monthly job loss in the last three months of the Bush administration. But what we cannot set aside is Obama's response to the Bush recession; he has chosen to give away the "New Deal" store and to drape himself in judicial robes as he cuts the child in half. He chooses to portray himself as the "mature", avuncular father dealing with squabbling children. Convenient! He himself never paid the blood sweat and tears that helped to create a solid middle class in this country; in the main he was the beneficiary of progressive Democratic Party-led policies. But God forbid that he actually use the bully-pulpit, by using his enormous teaching skills, to point out that the Republican agenda is designed to shred the safety net for the poorest among us while making these folks feel morally superior while doing it.!! It is beyond pathetic.

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