Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bush's failure in anti-terrorism, and being too soft on the Republi-con

Normally, this blog discusses the Republi-con, the lie that cutting taxes on the rich and small government will help the country. The reality, demonstrated vividly by the Bush's administration's creation of a huge debt and an economic collapse, is just the opposite. But I will note that the same con is going on with respect to terrorism. In fact, it was on Bush's watch that Osama bin Laden attacked the US and escaped. And both involved demonstrable Bush incompetence. Here, from Think Progress is an excellent video making the case for Bush's incompetence on Osama bin Laden. How Bush was able to portray himself as protector of the nation against Kerry is a mystery, except that Kerry was such a horrible candidate and didn't hit back. Is Obama too soft on the Republi-con now? Is that what led to the 2010 electorial debacle?

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