Thursday, April 28, 2011

A campaign of lies

The birther accusations and Obama's response has made more clear than ever that Republi-con politics is fundamentally dishonest, and is a campaign of deliberate deception. Exhibit one is that they say "oh no, the Ryan plan is not a voucher," but they never say how it differs from a limited, fixed voucher, because that's what it is. In other words they want to deceive the public into accepting their policies, instead of having an honest debate.

The disgusting racist birther accusations are even more stark. The idea that an 18 year old pregnant girl and her 25 year old student husband would fly to Kenya to have their baby in a country is so ludicrous that nobody who is not hate-filled could believe it, even aside from the certified birth certificates, contemporaneous announcements in the newspapers, etc. Where would they get the money? Why would they fly to a third-world country with poor medical care to have a baby? Would the grandparents subsidize such a lunatic trip? This is about lies and hate.

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