Thursday, March 3, 2011

The fundamental Republi-CON lie, definitively refuted

In an important new article, reporter David Cay Johnston definitively refutes the Republi-CON with specific facts and figures: cutting taxes has not raised revenue or increased economic growth, as they constantly repeat as if a fundamental truth, when it is a fundamental lie.

The summary: " No matter how many times advocates of lower tax rates said it, tax rate cuts did not pay for themselves, did not spur economic growth, did not increase jobs, and did not make America better off.

Now that the news has been broken, let's see how many political leaders start speaking facts instead of fairy tales. And let's also watch to see how many Washington reporters, news anchors, talk show guests, and syndicated columnists use the actual figures. It's called holding politicians accountable, and it used to be a mainstay of journalism, where the first rule is to check it out and the second is to cross-check until you know what is going on and can give context."

Here's the PDF with the facts and figures.

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